Swami is against Shiva Trilogy…
I am strongly against the “Shiva Trilogy series by Amish. He created a novel that truly insulted my God of Gods. Even if all media and gentlemen support him, I, a Yogi from India will raise my voice against this injustice. God Shiva, the god of all beings, both cosmic and earthy, is considered in this waste paper book as a mere mortal who drinks samaras to keep him alive. People from different countries bows before our great culture and tradition. Indian culture or Vedic culture is considered as the root of “all”. But still men from our country does not respect it…this is worst part.
Lord Shiva described in books of Amish Tripathi:

 "Shiva – The main character in the story. He is a Tibetan immigrant to Meluha and the chief of the Guna tribe. On arriving in Meluha and consuming the Somras (a potion), his throat turns blue making him the Neelkanth of the Meluhan legend, which speaks of the appearance of Neelkanth as a destroyer of evil. The Meluhans end up believing that Shiva would be their saviour. Shiva searches for the source of Evil, and deciding that it is Somras which would destroy India, he declares war to eradicate the drink completely. His deeds and accomplishments in saving India from its dangers makes him the Mahadev (Great God)."

 The above description is beyond a doubt refering to Lord Shiva who is glorified in Vedic scriptures and worshipped by a billion Hindus across the globe. This is not some imaginary or fictitious character who has been named "Shiva" but is indeed referring to Lord Shiva.

 To even think of disrespecting Him is a henious sin what to speak of blaspheming Him via published books! The illiterate author of these books does not know that Soma ras is a sacred extract from certain plants which are used for making offerings in Vedic Agnihotra Yajnas (fire sacrifices). Somras is not a poison nor an intoxicant. Amish Tripathi has manipulated the Vedic story of Samudra Manthan (the churning of the ocean) performed by the Gods and Demons for extraction of Amrit (nectar) and has presented his imaginery version to support his theory that Lord Shiva was a mortal who later came to be accepted as a God. Lord Shiva was, is and will always remain Mahadev and He is beyond the scope of speculation by mundane philosophers like Amish.
                                                 The worship of Lingas was followed all over the world during the prevedic and Vedic times. Lingas where considered as the male form of supreme soul. The supreme soul is called Brahman in Hinduism, Buddhism and our Vedic religions from Asia, meanwhile its Allah for Muslims and Holy sprite for Christians.  The male form of the supreme soul is Mahadev. “Maha” means great and “Dev” means God.
                                Even though many cultures had direct contacts with the secondary Gods (Olympians – Greek, Devas – Indian) Only Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and Hinduism have a history of contacts with the supreme Gods ( Primary Gods).
# The Creator   : God Brahmadev
#The Protector  : God Mahavishnu
#The Destroyer :  God Rudra.

The book discusses stupidity. The author talks of the Vedic Rudra and frames Shiv as a human who became Mahadev due to his karma. Shiv is the cosmic male, the origin of all beings. Lord Rudra is a material manifestation of Shiv, who was present before creation and after final destruction. 

In Vedic mythology, Rudras are described as loyal companions of Rudra, who later was identified with Shiva. They are considered as friends, messengers and aspects of Rudra(God Shiva). They are fearful in nature. They are considered as attendants of Rudra in later mythology. God Shankara himself is a Rudra but
God Shankara is the prominent Rudra as he is Mahadev (Shiv himself in material form) himself. Shiv comes talks to Vishnudev or Brahmadev and disappears. Mahadev Shiv who is the supreme god is really the creator, protector and destroyer of life. He created Mahavishnu and Mahavishnu created Brahmadev. Shankara and the other Rudras were born as the sons of Brahmadev along with the Manus(Sons of Brahmadev). The Rudras are said to preside over the second stage of creation and the intermediary stage of life. Brahmadev mediated on Mahadev( SHIVA) and he (Mahadev) was born to Brahma in a humanoid form “God RUDRA( Shankara)

(Shiva Purana: Brahma said to Narada-

"When I accomplished my penance, Lord Mahadev manifested in his incarnation of Rudra from in between the eyebrows. Half of his body resembled like that of a woman (Ardhanarishwar). I requested him help me in my creational activities. Rudra created his hosts (Rudragana) who resembled like him. I requested him to create the mortals, to which he laughed and said, that he liberated mortals from their sorrow, so how could he fasten them with bondages. Rudra requested me to create the mortals and then he vanished. (Event took place before the birth of God Shiva)
But God Shiva and God Rudra are the same or God Shankara is one of the 11 Rudras.
The names of the eleven Rudras are---Ajaikpad, Ahirbudhnya, Virupaksh, Raivat, Har, Bahuroop, Trayambak, Savitra, Jayant, Pinaki and Aparajit. All of them are said to be the lords of the Ganas and have all together 84 crore progenies known as the Rudraganas.
>>>Shiva Purana.
"Lord Brahma's first creation-Rudra had manifested himself as Ardha narishwar (half male and half female). At the request of Brahma, Rudra dismembered his female part resulting into the creation of two distinct forms- one male and the other female. Later on, ten more Rudras manifested from the male form and all of them collectively came to be known as 'Eleven Rudras'."

HYMN XLIII. Rudra. Rig Veda>>>
1 WHAT shall we sing to Rudra, strong, most bounteous, excellently wise,
That shall be dearest to his heart?
2 That Aditi may grant the grace of Rudra to our folk, our kine,
Our cattle and our progeny;
3 That Mitra and that Varuna, that Rudra may remember us,
Yea, all the Gods with one accord.
4 To Rudra Lord of sacrifice, of hymns and balmy medicines,
We pray for joy and health and strength.
5 He shines in splendour like the Sun, refulgent as bright gold is he,
The good, the best among the Gods.
6 May he grant health into our steeds, wellbeing to our rams and ewes,
To men, to women, and to kine.
7 O Soma, set thou upon us the glory of a hundred men,
The great renown of mighty chiefs.
8 Let not malignities, nor those who trouble Soma, hinder us.
Indu, give us a share of strength.
9 Soma! head, central point, love these; Soma! know these as serving thee,
Children of thee Immortal, at the highest place of holy law”

"During the initial period of 'Svet Varaha Kalpa'. Six prominent sages collected near Triveni and started debating as to who was the greatest deity, among Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh. Their debate remained inconclusive, so they went to lord Brahma to seek the answer.
Lord Brahma told them:-
"O revered Sages! The source of Vishnu, Rudra all the deities including myself and all the other creations is none other SHIVA. Union with the Shiva should be the objective of a man to attain that objective. Listening to the qualities of Lord Shiva, singing devotional songs in his praise and contemplating on him are the greatest means, which help to unite with Shiva."


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