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Among the first of the spirituality evolved ones were the first of the souls who walked on two legs and with their spines erect. As they were born enlightened, they searched for more and more spiritual knowledge, which was heard by the cosmic mind, the ever existing force, who is the creator and the creation himself. He manifested and walked down to the earth to teach them. They, with guidance from the AadiGuru and intense sadhanas, came to know the unknown. They were unlike any humans as now. They were purely energy beings with the highest levels of enlightenment. For them, the invisible world and the visible world Coexisted... When heaven was on earth. They were the mind born sons of Brahma, who took material form on earth.

The celestial bodies, natural forces and all celestial energies were then ready to walk the earth.Their generations gave birth to the first generation of higher beings. They were humanoid manifestations of the celestial bodies and Forces on earth and around... T…

Jwalamukhi : A Flame is burning in this Temple without any kind of Fuel or Wick

A Flame is burning in this Temple without any kind of Fuel or Wick. The Flame is Worshipped as Goddess Sri Jwalamukhi.In this place the tongue of the shakthi fell down and worshipped as Siddhida(Ambika).The bhairava is Unmatta Bhairav.

Jwala Devi is one of the major 'Shakti Peethas' of temple in India. Jawalmukhi temple is one of the most visited temples in Himachal Pradesh. The temple is dedicated to Bhagwati Jwalamukhi who is the presiding in the form of flames. Due to this fact, the goddess is also referred as the 'Flaming Goddess', where eternal flames represent the deity Jwalamukhiji is most famous for the ceaselessly burning blue flame originating in the rock sanctum. The temple is amazingly perched on the ridge known as Kali Dhar. It has a vault and high pinnacles with a 3-feet deep square pit in the interior surrounded by a pathway around it.

The temple came to be known as the Jwala Devi Mandir. There is no idol in this temple because the goddess is considered to…



Suta narrates the following story to the sages-

"Once upon a time, Indra was going towards Kailash mountain to have a 'darshan' of lord Shiva. Sage Brihaspati was accompanying him.

Lord Shiva came to know about his arrival. He wanted to test his devotion towards him. While both Indra and Brihaspati were still on their way. Lord Shiva met them on their in the guise of a hermit.

Indra did not recognize Shiva, who was sitting on the way disguised as a hermit. Indra inquired as to who he was and where he lived. Lord Shiva sat quietly without saying a word. Indra repeatedly asked the same question, but each time Shiva remained quiet. Indra became furious and tried to attack lord Shiva with his Vajra.

Lord Shiva paralyzed the raised hands of Indra by his divine power. Shiva's eyes had reddened due to anger which made Indra very frightened sage Brihaspati was able to recognize the real identity of the hermit as to who he was. He made salutation…

Kodungallur Bhagawati temple

The Bhagawati temple also known as Sree Kurumba Bhagavathy Temple, dedicated to goddess Kali located at Kodungallur, Trichur district is one of the grandest and ancient temples in Kerala. Parashurama, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, had a vision of the Bhagavathy around 1km south of the present temple and he worshipped her as Durga offering liquor and chicken, and shifted the idol of Kurumba Amma found there to the present temple site. When he expressed the difficulty of Sree
Kurumba Bhagavathy Temple, dedicated to goddess Kali located at Kodungallur worshipping the same way in the future, Bhagavathy is believed to have told him to celebrate during the Bharani in the Malayalam month of Meenam. The presiding deity of Bhagavathy or Kali is a six feet high sculpture from wood, carved out of a jack fruit tree. The idol facing north is depicted with eight arms and carries weapons and symbols like sword, spear, discus, pestle, bow etc in each hand as well as the severed head of Darikasura by the …


Chinnamasta is depicted as a girl of sixteen years adorned with garland of skulls and necklaces of bones. She wears on her naked body a serpent as the sacred thread (yajnopavita) and she has full breasts covered by lotus flowers and strings of beads. but the most gruesome aspect of her is that she has cutoff her own head with a sword and holds in her hands the severed head as also the sword. The blood gushing out of her decapitated head sprouts in three jets. The central Jet streams into the mouth of her own head , usually held in her left hand , while the other two jets fall into the mouths of her two companions Dakini and Varnini - standing on her either side.

Chinnamasta, in a single frame, makes a stunning presentation of varying and conflicting aspects of life and death; of self destruction while nourishing others;of death by violence and enjoyable sex; of gory violence spilling blood and smiling blissful face; death and destruction placed next to creation; of the joy of transcend…


In Norse mythology, Odin is the king of the Æsir. He is a god of war and death, as well as a sky god and the god of wisdom and poetry. Along with being a god, he is the All-Father of all the Nordic gods. He is also heavily associated with magic. In Germanic religion and mythology, the supreme god. His cult, although widespread among the Germanic tribes, was sometimes subordinated to that of his son Thor.

What we understand from recent research is that, in the ancient past...The Devas had great influence in the eastern parts of earth while the west were under the influence of Asuras. We can see Mayan civilization, Danava worship in Ireland and Germanic tribes worshiped  Æsir ( Asuras). 

 Being blinded in one eye and being the "guru" of the asuras (i.e. gods who seek power), and seeing the etymological connection of asura and æsir, shukra seems to have some basis in being identified with Odin. Odin then can be associated in the east astrologically with Venus. Shukra was the teac…

Odiyan : The untold legend

Odiyan was the word used to describe people who practiced odi vidya (a form of black magic) that allowed them to change form. The odiyans, known for their physical prowess, were the product of a vicious caste system, black magic and thirst for power.  The powers As the folklore goes , the odiyans used to apply an oil obtained from killed human fetus  on their ear . This was supposed to give them powers to assume forms that they desired. They never changed into the forms or object they intended to be,  but created a sensory illusion on his prey. Odiyan would assume the shape of a bull or a cat or  even rocks and lay on the route that the victim routinely uses at night .when the victim approaches he would transform instantly and kills the prey within seconds . The question that popped in my mind was , why go to such lengths to kill someone if he could be stabbed or shot like the assassins do these days. The reasons told by my grandmother were : 1.Most of the able bodied men at the time …